Who We Are

Alto Realty

Alto Realty has called Marina City home since the beginning, helping people rent, buy, sell and manage property in Marina City. Our office is located on the lobby level of the towers, making it easy for residents to pop in if they ever have a question or issue. We’re not here by accident – we find it just as unique and alluring as our fellow residents do. In fact, Alto Realty owner Brian Muir owns property within Marina City!

Our availability means that you can hold Alto to a higher standard of accountability – you’ll never end up in a position where building upkeep or condo issues have you waiting on the phone for answers. Whether you just have a question about your apartment or are interested in renting out your condo and want to chat about property management services, we’re committed to helping our neighbors when they need it most.

Leasing Services

Your investment property is only as good as the tenant who resides in it. Alto Realty offers leasing services for condo owners to take the stress out of marketing and showing their unit and handling paperwork.

Property Management

Managing investment property can oftentimes feel like a full time job. Alto Realty seeks to help condo owners take the stress out of renting their property with our property management services.

We provide assistance for tasks including handling maintenance requests and collecting rent – responsibilities that can be time consuming for individual owners to perform.

Let us help you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our leasing or property management services, please get in touch with us.

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